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L'I.C. di S.Stefano Magra partecipa al Progetto Europeo Erasmus Plus 2017-2020
I paesi partners saranno: Belgio (coordinatore), Italia, Guadaloupe, Svezia, Inghilterra, Islanda, Bulgaria e Turchia.
L'argomento trattato sarà l'utilizzo delle nuove tecnologie nell'ambito della didattica
Titolo del progetto: Tomorrow's School for all Starts Today
Rappresentante legale del progetto sarà la Preside Maria Angela Rebecchi; coordinatrice l'insegnante Luciana Crociati.
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"Tomorrow's school for all starts today" is a project largely inspired by the strategies Europe Horizon 2020. It brings together the schools (from kindergarten to college) from 8 European countries around the acquisition and development of digital skills and competences. Specifically, it involves using new technologies to access quality education for all, foster inclusion and integration, and tackle the problem of early school leaving.
The project is structured around a program of 7 training events on specific themes related to ICT:
Belgium, project coordinator, will deal with ICT and scientific awakening, the United Kingdom (England) ICT in behavioural disorders, Bulgaria ICT and learning through games, France (Guadeloupe) ICT to help tackle early school leaving, Italy ICT through coding and robotics, Iceland integrating ICT into school curricula, and Sweden stimulation and development of reading and writing through ICT. Turkey will organise a videoconference about the daily use of pads and IWBs.
An assessment will be carried out in each school before the training to measure the impact on the participating institutions. A multitude of activities and challenging situations using ICT will be organized intensively in order to strengthen the new learning. This will include both ICT awareness activities and activities to strengthen key competencies
The partners expect to develop their skills and the use of ICT in a significant way in the long term in order to propose a more adapted, targeted and effective teaching. This will result in better learning and greater autonomy for all pupils, particularly those in precarious situations or dropping out of school. Training will also provide valuable tools for a better inclusion of students with disabilities or behavioural disorders.
Gruppo coordinatori
gruppo coordinatori
gruppo coordinatori
Gli alunni rispondono ai questionari culturali di conoscenza dei paesi partners.
erasmus erasmus erasmus
erasmus erasmus  
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15-19 OTTOBRE 2018-11-19

Partecipanti : Maria Angela Rebecchi - Luciana Crociati
Durante la formazione ICT le insegnanti islandesi hanno fornito parecchi nomi di siti con cui poter lavorare. Alcuni di essi sono gratis, altri richiedono un piccolo pagamento.

buon lavoro!

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